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Yards featuring trees emanate a unique visual appeal. Trees, however, continue to grow and need to be removed when they become too large. Some trees are also vulnerable to disease and the parts that are affected must be removed to prevent further damage to the tree. In some cases, the homeowner may no longer want to have trees in their yard and simply want to remove them. Regardless of your reason, you can always rely on Tree Service Marietta GA to do the job for you.

Those who try to remove branches or the entire tree on their own find that they are quickly overwhelmed by the job. If you find yourself further south you can check out this awesome company that does the best tree trimming Fort Myers Florida has to offer! Tree removal is not only hard, but it can also be dangerous for those who are not experienced and don’t have the right tools. The larger the tree you want to get rid of, the more dangerous removing it can be. Trust Tree Service Marietta GA to provide the tree care and removal service you need. 

We offer:

  • Tree trimming
  • Tree Pruning
  • Partial/complete removal of trees
  • Tree pest and disease control

    Why Choose Tree Service Marietta GA?

    Keep Trees Healthy

    If the tree service is not done correctly, it could be harmful to the tree. For instance, tree trimming that’s done incorrectly can damage the tree and attract infection and diseases. Our team knows the right trimming methods to guarantee the health of your trees.

    Avoid Property Damage

    Tree removal is usually done to prevent damage to nearby power lines and your property. If you try to do the job on your own, things can go wrong. A branch may fall and cause the very damage you are trying to avoid. If you do manage to get rid of the branch or tree successfully, how will you dispose it? We have chipping equipment and stump grinders to take care of such matters for you. You will not only be able to get rid of the tree, but also have a clean yard after the process.

    Prevent Injuries

    There are many risks associated with working with trees. For instance, using chainsaws can be extremely dangerous. One wrong move could lead to a serious injury. When the tree that needs to be removed or pruned is located close to a power line, there’s a danger of electrocution. The risk of falling is also there. We have the experience and equipment needed to quickly and safely remove or trim your tree.

    Peace of Mind

    Working with Tree Service Marietta GA to remove or trim trees in your yard can give you peace of mind. We have the right tools and methods to do the job safely and correctly. Branches that hang over roofs pose a great danger of damaging the roof and your property if they fall. We will come to you right away to deal with the problem fast.

    We also provide cleanup after the tree service to get rid of the mess that is left behind. Call us today to get a free quote or book the tree service you need. We are always happy to help! 

Tree Removal Service Marietta, GA


It is our professional job to be a Marietta Tree Service so you don’t have to. Leave the project up to the professionals when deciding to cut down trees. Trees can develop some problems and you could be having a tough time trying to make the decision for your tree removal. Trees can be maintained by cutting and removing dead or diseased sections, and thorough watering. Most tree removal jobs are very tough to handle and unsafe for those who always insist on doing it themselves. Don’t create this hardship when you can hire a professional and certified arborist that is licensed, insured and certified by the state of Georgia. Our specialists know and fully understand the rules and regulations of GA requiring permits and permissions before you and any Tree Service in Marietta Ga removes the tree. 

It is our pleasure to offer tree removal service in Marietta, GA. We work with our clients and customers in Marietta and other parts of the city to catch issues before bad consequences appear. Our main objective is to help residents of Marietta, GA stay away from an emergency tree removal condition when possible. That saves you time, hassle and money. Leaning or dead trees could cause serious damage to your property and fallen trees could land on your property, on your fence or on your outbuildings. It could also affect other trees.

In GA, Atlanta, homeowners considering tree removal should check the city regulation prior to proceeding with the removal process. Any species of hardwood trees that has a diameter of 6” or bigger should have an authorization or certification to be cut down and pine trees which have a diameter of 12” or more should have a certification prior to uprooting them. This is because of the Atlanta Tree Ordinance that serves to secure the population of trees as well as prevent it from downsizing.

Tree Service Professionals

Marietta, GA tree service experts can tell exactly what you have to do to ensure that the trees stay healthy and survive in GA’s unique climate as well as terrain. If the tree service experts provide you with advice and tree service, rest assured you are in good hands as they are experienced as well as knowledgeable.

It’s this local experience which allows the agency to give the best service at unparalleled speed. While other agencies are still trying to know what equipment to utilize, ours have already made a plan for removal.  All the experience will mean nothing without superb tools and dedication to client satisfaction. Fortunately, Marietta Tree Service has both. We equip our staffs with the best tree service tool and ensure that it is expertly maintained. Continual guidance on the finer points concerning customer tree service ensures that our customers get a pleasant experience.

Our skilled and friendly tree removal service men will not just arrive at your property and see any damage. These experts will also work with you to know the best way for removal. In most cases, they may need to get rid of the whole tree. For others, it is easy to salvage trees and get rid of a couple of loose tree limbs as well as branches that may be compromising the safety of your family and preventing you from enjoying the outdoor spaces of your home. It doesn’t matter if it’s a minor or major damage. When you don’t want to risk more possible damage, call us and our expert tree removal men will be there in just a matter of minutes.

So, if you are looking for a tree removal service in GA, look no further than us. Do not just take our word for it. You can read reviews about our service or ask those who have worked us if they were contented with our service.

Professional Tree Service Marietta Stump Removal and Grinding


Have you been stressed of the unsightly tree stump on your yard and the insects that are already living in this part? Then, it is about time that you call for Tree Service Marietta that specializes in stump removal and grinding. By getting Tree Service Marietta’s stump removal and grinding service, you can be assured that the unsightly stump will be completely removed and annoying pests and insects will no longer have a place to stay.

It is given that the main reason why you had a tree removed is because it is unattractive or may affect the look or facade of your home. Whether it is at the back of your home or in front, you want to make sure that trees are in areas where they are more pleasant to look at and where it enhances the beauty of the place. However, after removing the tree, there is a great chance that the stump will be left and when it is not removed completely, it will soon be the home of a lot insects and turn into a very unattractive sight.

If you have tree stumps anywhere in your yard, the Tree Service Marietta stump removal and grinding is what you need to call. We have stump removal and grinding tools that will remove the entire stump. You are given 2 options on how you want the stump to be removed – either it is removed using a machine or ground around 4 to 6 inches below the ground.

Stump Removal

When you have chosen this option, the stump will be completely removed and a hole will be left in your yard. However, the hole can be easily covered with loam and soil where you can cover it with the same grass as what your entire yard has. This allows you to reclaim the attractiveness of your outdoor area or just have another seed of a new family tree that can be planted in the yard. We will be using heavy equipment to excavate the tree stump and leave no part of the stump in its original area.

Stump Grinding

This option is an alternative for excavation or stump removal. Our professionals will grind the stumps to around 4 to 6 inches below with the use of a stump grinder. The surrounding soil and chips from the wood stump will all be back filled to the hole caused by the grinding. Once the stump is completely ground, not a single insect will stay in the mulched wood. If you don’t want the chips to be back filled with the original soil, you can request it to be removed by our team and we will just restore the area.

When you choose Tree Service Marietta stump removal and grinding, you can feel secured that the annoying sight of the stump will be removed and your outdoor area will look more beautiful. If you need such services, feel free to call us and we will respond to your needs immediately!


Expert Care &

Marietta GA Tree Service

Tree Saving Services

If you are a nature lover and very keen about keeping every plant and tree in your yard at its best condition, but you’re finding it hard to provide enough time to do all the job, you need to get expert care for your entire yard. You want to make sure that your entire lawn is well taken care of. The trees are also given enough attention that will make them grow stronger and healthier in the coming years.

Once you call for Marietta GA Tree Service’s tree saving services, you will not have to think about how you can deal with taking care of your entire lawn and everything planted in it. Keeping your trees well taken care of and preventing any insects from affecting its growth is a challenging job. This is true especially for those who are not completely knowledgeable of what fertilizers to use and whether they can make use of pesticides or not.

For anyone having such troubles, getting Marietta GA Tree Service tree saving services are the perfect solution. We have professionals who have years of experience and great knowledge on saving sick trees.

When to Know If Marietta GA Tree Service Tree Saving Services are Needed

Others may wonder about how they can tell whether their trees are sick or even dying. There are many homeowners who love keeping trees in their yard and cutting one just because it is dying or sick may sometimes be a saddening option for some. This is the main reason why there are many who want to know when their trees are sick and when they should be calling for expert Marietta GA Tree Service tree saving services.

Obvious signs that your trees are sick are when you start seeing spores or blotches of fungi in any part of the tree and when some parts are already dried up. Once you see these obvious signs, it is about time that you call for tree saving services. We have arborists who could treat your sick trees and save them from dying completely.

Our professionals are aware that when left untreated, there is a great chance that it will soon die and cause serious problems once it starts leaning towards your home or even to your neighbor’s home. So, to prevent such accidents from happening, it is best that you opt for Marietta GA Tree Service tree saving services. This way, you can keep a healthy tree in your yard for a long period of time and still get the benefits of being protected from any calamities or any accidents.

The arborists and professional tree care experts will be working on the proper fertilization of the tree and applying chemicals that could prevent insects and fungi from killing the tree. Our experts will inspect the tree first, tell you the situation and treat the tree to saving it from dying completely.

If you think that your tree is sick and you want to save it instead of having it removed, call us and we will respond to your needs at once.

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